The Great American 4th of July Fireworks

"A World Class Event"
Wednesday, July 4, 2001  -  State College, Pa

VIP Viewing Area Information

- VIP Map -

To acquire your VIP Package, call the Bryce Jordan Center at 1-800-863-3336.


Overview of the July 4th V.I.P. Viewing Area:          

H                  The VIP Viewing Area provides access to prime space from which you can most fully enjoy the fireworks display on July 4th. Traditionally, this space - positioned along the perimeter of the fireworks setup field - has been reserved for the event's primary corporate sponsors; in 2001 we are expanding the area and making it available for the first time to the general public.

H                  The VIP Viewing Area Package includes VIP viewing area space for up to four individuals, and a VIP parking pass for one car.  It alleviates any concern you may traditionally have for being able to find a convenient parking space and an enjoyable viewing area on July 4th.  It is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your support for the event, and to contribute to the event financially.  Minimum donation for the VIP Package (includes four seating spaces) is $100.00; additional seating spaces require an additional donation of $25 each.

H                  Please note that you will still want to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets with you to the event; the VIP Viewing Area Package includes prime viewing space only -- and not access to any chairs or bleachers.  Also note that there is handicapped accessible parking available to anyone with a handicapped-parking permit.  There is no need to purchase a VIP package to gain access to handicapped parking.  

The primary benefits of the VIP Viewing Area include: 

H                  Located just a few hundred yards from the fireworks, the VIP Viewing Area provides a real “front row” viewing experience, exposing you to the sights, sounds, smells, and “feel” of the fireworks display. 

H                  The area is located across Curtain Road, along the edge of the field from which the display is shot. 

H                  Plenty of space is available for everyone to enjoy the show from their favorite lawn chair or picnic blanket, with no barriers to block their view of the display. 

H                  A single VIP Viewing Area package provides access for four (4) family members to the event’s VIP Viewing Area, and access for one (1) family vehicle to a prime parking space in the VIP Parking Area.

The total cost of attending the event as a member of the VIP Viewing Area include:

H                  A $100.00 Minimum “Contribution” to Central Pennsylvania July 4th, Inc. 

­  Includes four (4) VIP Viewing Area passes to accommodate four (4) family members AND

            ­ Includes one (1) VIP Parking Area pass which provides one (1) family vehicle with complimentary access to a prime parking space

H                  Each additional family member can be accommodated for an additional contribution of $25.00 to Central Pennsylvania July 4th, Inc.

H                  That’s an average of $25.00 per person – much less than any other family event of this proportion!            

H                  Individual parking passes may NOT be purchased separately in advance

To purchase passes to the VIP Viewing Area:                       

H                  The Bryce Jordan Center is the official ticketing outlet for the 4th of July VIP Viewing Area. 

H                  VIP Viewing Area passes will be made available for sale through Tuesday, July 3rd, 2001. 

H                  VIP Viewing Area passes may be obtained through the BJC’s traditional ticketing sales network(s), including their toll free phone number 1-800/863-3336 and locally at 814/865-5555; and through the official ticketing windows located outside The Bryce Jordan Center. 

H                  BJC will issue four (4) official VIP Viewing Area wristbands and one (1) official VIP Parking Area pass for each $100.00 contribution.  Additional VIP Viewing Area wristbands will be issued for additional contributions of $25.00. 

H                  Passes may be picked up at the BJC’s ticketing window through Tuesday, July 3rd, 2001.  Those purchased prior to Tuesday, June 26th, 2001 may be mailed out for an additional shipping/handling fee. 

H                  Each VIP Viewing Area wristband will admit one (1) person into the event’s VIP Viewing Area. 

H                  The parking pass will admit one (1) vehicle into preferred parking area(s) at the event, free of charge. 

For more information on the 4th of July VIP Viewing Area: 

H                 The VIP Viewing Area will be promoted on 93.7FM, THE BUS (WBUS) 

H                  The VIP Viewing Area will be promoted in The Centre Daily Times, and through other media sources as they become available. 

H                  For specific questions or additional information, call 814/238-5334 or contact